Car Insurance For Teenagers: Why Is It So Expensive?

As parents, you might be just as excited as your son or your daughter when buying their first car. And so you go to the car dealer, get the model you want for your son or daughter and prepare to sign a check for it. But when you learn about the car insurance premium you are to pay, you get shocked and ask, Why is the car insurance for teenagers almost worth as much as the car itself? Well, your son or daughter is 16 years old. That alone is a big factor to consider.

Your choice of a car for your teen driver determines part of the auto insurance premium you have to pay. You can buy him a brand new sedan, a sports car, or a run-down vehicle. Its your choice. But the insurance costs would vary greatly with each vehicle.

Other than being a young, new driver, insurance companies cant make an exact assessment as to how well your teenager drives. This forces them to bestow the highest possible premium they have on their charts. Everybody knows that drivers with no accident and traffic violation history enjoy low premiums. However, those who frequently visit car repair centers due to collisions have no choice but to pay for sky-rocketing costs every month.

Going back to the car you will give to your teenager, the insurance provider would check the cars safety features first. Is the car totally safe to drive? Does it have features that can protect the driver and its passengers? Is the car easy to handle and isnt too fast for a teen driver? Is the vehicle new and is not likely to be sent for repairs any time in the future? These are the things that determine the price of car insurance for teenagers. Now that you know them, you can do your best to get the premium lowered.

The driving knowledge and habits of your young driver is also a factor to consider. But again, since insurance providers dont have enough data to support this fact yet, they would use your son or daughters report card to assess their attitude on the road. Studies show that teenagers who perform well in school tend to become a more responsible driver that those who are getting low grades. And so teens who have a general weighted average of B or higher in school is given lower premiums that those whose grades are lower.

These are just some reasons why car insurance for teenagers gets a little expensive. Parents concerned about premiums can now look for some work around in the assessment process of providers. But then again, parents should be more concerned of their teenagers safety on the road rather than the amount they have to pay annually for the policy.

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